Professional tutors make all the difference...


With over 15 years of test prep experience, we are professional test experts. We don't hire college students looking to earn a quick buck over the summer because we believe our students deserve tutors who are test preparation experts. Why leave something as important as college acceptance in the hands of novice tutors?

At Ivy Approach, we:

  • offer completely customized one-on-one test prep tutoring to help our students achieve their individual score goals. 
  • cover all test content as well as test-specific tips and tricks to boost scores. 
  • train our students to improve their weaknesses and troubleshoot issues with focus, timing and test anxiety.
  • work in-person with students in the Los Angeles area and remotely via video chat with students around the globe. We have worked with students in the United Kingdom, China, Vietnam, and Croatia to help them achieve their dreams of attending an American university.
  • offer one or two-week intensive "cram camps" throughout the country for students whose SAT or ACT test dates are fast-approaching and prefer a more condensed approach.

Contact us today for a free consultation and we can work together to determine the best fit for  your test preparation needs.